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10GigaSniffer, The  Monitor
Sniffer monitors, displays, and decodes network or fiber channel packets. Toggling between the two modes view and record to disk, is instant, with no data loss from fumbling with clumsy menus as in other sniffer progams.  With GigaSniffer the trace is restarted with a simple keystroke. Unlike other sniffers, ours  uses a standard DOS NDIS driver with a network card installed in your PC. The MDAPI driver,  which is a transparent protocol stack, gives Sniffer direct access to the NDIS driver interface. 
The viewing mode allows recorded packets displayed on the screen or printed to a disk file.When in the recording mode, it captures packets from the network into memory.  With data written to memory continually overwriting older information.  The display is always showing the last packets captured.   Filters based on DA, SA, MAC address, IP Address, protocol, length field can be used to define the data captured from the network.

At a cost of $3986.00, you never find gigabit packet capture this good and this cheap. As well 10GigaSniffer works on 10,100 and 1000 Mb ethernet, 4/16/100 Mb token ring, 100 Mb Fddi. and 1/2/4/8/10/12 Gigbit Fiber Channel.

    • 10GigaSniffer is the tool for fiber channel  protocol analysis and packet capture.
  • Taking direct aim at the industry leaders with their expensive proprietary gigabit sniffers and $65,000 price tags, Netbustercor offers GigaSniffer based on standard desktop or laptop HBA cards at $3986.00.
  • We have greatly reduced the cost for 10gigabit packet capture and protocol analysis for the industry!
  •  For networks of 10 Gigabit Fiber Channel, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, Ethernet, Token Ring or all of the above topologies.
  • 10GigaSniffer is a MUST-HAVE product for your Developement, Quality Assurance and Customer Service personnel.  
  • Compare to any other product at a minimum of $250,000 to trace and protocol decode all these topologies at full media rate.
  • None can even come close to matching the capabilities of NetBreaker Corporation's suite of tools.

Just $3986.00 Gets You the NetBuster 10 Gigabit 
FiberChannel Sniffer, 10GigaSniffer

We are also pleased to announce the latest improvement  to the line of NetBuster platforms! 
You can now use our products from a laptop via PCMCIA NICS, providing your  
Field Service Engineers  true portability for customer service.  

Netbuster Corporation
379 West Royalston Rd 47 Athol, MA. 01331
Phone: 978.413.4115


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