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We have software tools developed by a senior Network Analyst/QA Engineer, that are an alternative to far more expensive and cumbersome to use Hardware testing devices that cannot even come close to delivering the speed, accuracy and reliability that the Netbustercor products provide.   

Are you are a QA Engineer or have a need to reproduce customer problems in a Customer Service environment?
If the quality and reliability of  network traffic are your responsibility, then you need to own the utilities offered by  the 
Netbustercorp. *

If your the network is of 10 Gigabit Fiber Channel, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, Ethernet, Token Ring or all of the above topologies, 10GigaSniffer is a product your Developement, Quality Assurance and Customer Service should not be without.  Any other product used to trace and protocol decode all these topologies at full media rate would cost a minimum of $250,000, and still could not even come close to matching the capabilities of Netbustercor's suite of tools. These are the most essential tools in the industry today, will be tomorrow, and  for decades to come. 

This is the most complete and unique Suite of  Packet Capture/Generation Utility Tools in the industry for QA, Support, Field Service and Development Personnel.  

It includes the PacketGen, 10GigaSniffer, and NetBreaker, and is the only product in the world that can increment the DA, SA, Length, Etype and Data of the frame, for up to a billion Layer 2 mac addresses concurrently;

  • EncryptoGen is the only product in the world that will generate traffic at Full Media Rate for one BILLION L2TP/IPSEC tunnels;
  • ProtoGen is the only tool in the industry capable of a billion streamsof  IP, IPX, XNS, AppleTalk, DECNET at Layer 3  while incrementing DA/SA and Frame Size and Data fields;
  • And finally, Analyzer , the only live graphing network utilization tool with 5 filters to figure what percentage of total bandwidth including 1Gig,2Gig, 4Gig, 10 Gigbit FiberChannel, 1 , 10, 40, 100 gigbit ethernet network your major network consumption devices are using.

These tools are unique, not because they are not available elsewhere, (they aren't) but because we have found innovative ways to do network testing, performance evaluation and troubleshooting at a fraction of the cost our nearest competitors charge for comparable software and proprietary, super expensive hardware.

Check out your Network Heart Beat 
before it suffers a stroke or a Heart  Attack!

All you need is NetBreaker, a dos ndis driver and a nic. Any nic and any topology if it has a ndis driver will do.

For a description of each utility's function, click on its corresponding box.  Note also that the installation and set up instructions and detailed descriptions for each product are available in the Tech Notes. Each of the utilities listed here sells for $9986.00, but for a limited time you can purchase the entire compliment of the NetBuster Corp site license software tools for $16,995.


We are also pleased to announce the latest improvement  
to the line of Netbuster Corp platforms! 

You can now use our products from a laptop via PCMCIA NICS, 
providing your Field Service Engineers 
true portability for customer service.**

Netbuster Corporation
379 West Royalston Rd 47 Athol, MA. 01331
Phone: 978.413.4115


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